Multifunctional Beautiful Nautical Theme Dish

Multifunctional Turtle Starfish Dish by SeaMariesBounty

Today I would like to share this beautiful item I just got from Sue, another fellow Etsy shop owner. I am always taken by nautical themes so it’s no surprise that this item just wowed me.  It is multifunctional as it can be used as a tea bag and spoon rest, or as a ring or jewelry dish, or even small soap dish. I am using it as a jewelry dish for my girls’ bathroom. It’s adorable! : )

Sue, SeaMariesBounty’s shop owner, gracefully allowed me to blog about the item. She also shared a bit about her inspiration and process.

Sue lives on the coast and she gets a lot of her inspiration from  surroundings along with her husband’s ideas.

Sue comes from a family of artists: Mother, father, sister and three of her nephews.  She learned to throw on the pottery wheel by a wonderful teacher, Sharla. As soon as Sharla saw Sue’s first coffee cup  made after the first lesson, she immediately knew Sue was a natural! All the rest of the skills showcased in Sue’s shop is self-taught.

Sue makes several of her own molds – such as the turtle in this item. This soap dish was made with earthenware (clay) and  glaze. The dish is rolled out with a slab roller then cut into rectangles. She used a real starfish to imprint the design then added the turtle. When it is completely dry then she fires it in the kiln and then glazes it and re-fires it again.

Sue says: “I believe in having fun in my shop. I find myself laughing while I make something especially with a face. I want people to smile when they see my artwork.”

If you want to learn more about Sue or visit her shop, here are some links you can visit:

I truly loved getting this item and I had to write about it. Maybe you want to stop by and look at Sue’s work, or maybe this will inspire something wonderful of your own today! Who knows.. So many talented people out there, making wonderful pieces everyday. It’s just Lovely!