While we stay inside .. Why not cultivate a hobby?

In this post I will focus on why it’s great to start up a hobby.
It’s easy to get bored during these times at home. Maybe you even feel unproductive as you scroll through your phone or watch episodes and movies back-to-back. Our brains like to move, so of course we can beat ourselves up when the day is unfruitful. It’s the little things that make us feel productive, such as crafts or fun projects we work on step by step. Knitting and crocheting are great ways to keep your mind busy, because they’re easy to learn, it relaxes the mind and the body, and it’s a good pastime while you’re off from school or work.

Knitting and crocheting may seem difficult to learn, but in actuality, it’s not that bad! You just need to find the right materials and the right source of learning. Once you get the hang of the weaving and the movements, it’s downhill from there.

Crochet or knitting also relaxes the mind and body greatly. After a long day, I find that crafting is my happy place. I love working on a project next to the fireplace, watching a relaxing show with my family and crocheting or knitting away. Time passes so quickly too! So if you’re looking for something relaxing but brain training at the same time, knitting and crocheting are for you.
As previously mentioned, it’s a wonderful way to pass the time when you’re not busy with work. It doesn’t take tiring effort either as other crafts do. You just need to stay on that steady pattern and before you know it, you’re done!

There are many reasons why knitting and crocheting are such popular crafts, and why it’s been something passed down from generation to generation. And don’t get me wrong, it isn’t necessarily easy. It takes time, patience, effort, and space. But trust me, it’s all worth it! And that’s why it’s awesome to cultivate a hobby. It helps you relax and it also gives you something to do while at home. Knitting and crocheting are great for that reason!

This crochet pattern is available at my Etsy Shop now!

Coming soon! I’ll be working on a series to teach how to knit and crochet. We’ll focus on the basics first. Then we’ll start advanced projects, and we will have fun along the way! We’ll work on beanie hats, then scarves, then blankets, and finally we’ll get into pot holders and coasters. I hope I can teach you all how to knit and crochet!

Check my Etsy shop and check my Downloadable patterns!

Zig zag blanket ( also work in progress ). This pattern will soon be available at my Etsy shop!

Minimalist Designs from MyBedsideTreasures on Etsy

Made with minimalists in mind. These minimalist earrings look perfect on this minimalist jewelry dish.

If you are like me, maybe you have lost an earring or two after going to bed and not paying attention to where your earrings fell somewhere on the bed or by your night table. This is why I appreciate jewelry organization options.

This shop carries a nice collection of beautiful, elegant marbled color designs and delicate personalized jewelry dishes.

More about the shop here.

This shop offers free shipping in the US. Also, their packaging will match your jewelry dish color pattern too.

I find these as a great option for birthday gifts, Mother’s Day Gift, Bridesmaids gifts, bride gift, mother of the bride gift or great to add as wedding decorations.

Jewelry organizers by MyBedsideTreasures on Etsy

Today our topic is organization. I’m liking this marbled jewelry dish and I am impressed with this beautiful packaging. An eco-friendly box with decorated top in matching colors arrives containing the jewelry dish. The jewelry dish will be wrapped in bubble wrap and more bubble wrap will be protecting the box in transit. This customer picture does not show the bubble wrap. Customer shared this pic because she loved the presentation and was amazed by the decorations on the box! If you are thinking to get this for someone then this jewelry dish is gift giving ready!

All designs are different and not one is like the other; Really OOAK and very functional.

About organization, these jewelry dishes keep rings, earrings, pendants, necklace or any other special treasure by the bedside at night. What a clever idea! It’s also small enough to fit in almost any area of the night table, dresser or any bathroom countertop.

This shop makes these dishes in marbled colors, or monogrammed with letter initials, and each one is edged with metallic paint. They take custom orders too, so I’m thinking bride’s gifts or wedding decor!

Below are a few pics of other jewelry dishes in the shop.

Shop link:

MyBedsideTreasures on Etsy

Snow hats!

Fair isle style hats are so cute! In this one I wanted to have a snow-like effect on the bottom. Imagine this hat and ski slopes! Fun! 🙂

More about this hat here.

This hat was made using crochet so it’s faux fair isle. I’m very happy to start designing and listing fair isle hat in my shop.

Pumpkin Spice!

Pumpkin spice is my favorite thing this time of the year. So every year I have to find a nice, soft yarn in some kind of orange color that resembles pumpkin or pumpkin spice.

This pom pom hat was inspired by my girls. They love pom poms on hats and I don’t make enough pom pom accessories, just to be honest.

I crocheted this hat using a wool blend of a chunky yarn and a size H crochet needle. It’s super fun to make! More about this hat here.

Enjoy the pics!