Something Old, Something New, Something Blue Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow


I recently decided to revamp my shop’s wedding section and I had to add this “Something Blue Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow.”

It features traditional granny square crochet with beautiful nautical blue yarn and a beautiful ribbon matching the same tones. I really enjoyed designing this one.

There is nothing like joyful and exciting wedding preparations! 🙂

Crochet Teething Necklace.

Teething Necklace for babies by

Making this teething necklace took me back to when my kids were babies. I wish I would have had this idea then. Moms wear this today while they hold their babies in their arms. Mom can carry a conversation while the baby is busy teething using these wooden covered balls in the necklace.

I made the one in the image here using organza thread because it is soft and easy to handle. I stayed away from using any kind of clasp for the safety of the baby. Mom can simply tie a knot when wearing it.

It was so exciting to be able to make it and carry an option in my shop that can potentially help those nursing Moms out there. This is an item that can keep the baby happily busy while Mom can have some room to finish a chore at home, or enjoy the company of a friend. This item is made with 100% cotton yarn which covers the wooden balls completely. The crochet work also covers the necklace thread.

Warning: As always, never leave your baby unattended. Always stay close to your baby while using this and any other product.

You can find this item at my shop here:

I hope I left something more for your creative crochet mind to enjoy! 🙂

Handmade Miniature Dollhouse Toys

Miniature Clothes Hamper or Organizer for Doll House Toy

My daughters have a miniature doll house and seeing them play for hours with all the little toys is simply the sweetest thing! So I decided to add a few miniature doll house toys to my Baby Kids and Toys section:

I simply loved the way this cloths hamper/laundry basket turned out! 🙂 This is definitely a very special way to make memories!

Multifunctional Beautiful Nautical Theme Dish

Multifunctional Turtle Starfish Dish by SeaMariesBounty

Today I would like to share this beautiful item I just got from Sue, another fellow Etsy shop owner. I am always taken by nautical themes so it’s no surprise that this item just wowed me.  It is multifunctional as it can be used as a tea bag and spoon rest, or as a ring or jewelry dish, or even small soap dish. I am using it as a jewelry dish for my girls’ bathroom. It’s adorable! : )

Sue, SeaMariesBounty’s shop owner, gracefully allowed me to blog about the item. She also shared a bit about her inspiration and process.

Sue lives on the coast and she gets a lot of her inspiration from  surroundings along with her husband’s ideas.

Sue comes from a family of artists: Mother, father, sister and three of her nephews.  She learned to throw on the pottery wheel by a wonderful teacher, Sharla. As soon as Sharla saw Sue’s first coffee cup  made after the first lesson, she immediately knew Sue was a natural! All the rest of the skills showcased in Sue’s shop is self-taught.

Sue makes several of her own molds – such as the turtle in this item. This soap dish was made with earthenware (clay) and  glaze. The dish is rolled out with a slab roller then cut into rectangles. She used a real starfish to imprint the design then added the turtle. When it is completely dry then she fires it in the kiln and then glazes it and re-fires it again.

Sue says: “I believe in having fun in my shop. I find myself laughing while I make something especially with a face. I want people to smile when they see my artwork.”

If you want to learn more about Sue or visit her shop, here are some links you can visit:

I truly loved getting this item and I had to write about it. Maybe you want to stop by and look at Sue’s work, or maybe this will inspire something wonderful of your own today! Who knows.. So many talented people out there, making wonderful pieces everyday. It’s just Lovely!



Romantic Bath Crochet Project Idea

Bathroom Project3

Isn’t this beautiful? I thought of this crochet bath project and was hooked! I had to at least share it and invite you to comment.

This is a guest bathroom and this simple hook usually holds a towel for your guests. However, in this case, it goes beyond and gives you the welcoming, warmth and delicate beauty by elevating the hook.

The yarn is mercerized cotton. I chose blue because of the nautical look, and because nautical color tones are my favorite. The trick is to work your way around the metal ball and go up in repetitive crochet rounds until you reach the end or top. You could take the fixture down and do it that way (preferred), or if you are out there shopping for a new hook for your guest bathroom, then this is an excellent idea to personalize it and make it your very own unique item.

Except for the starting round, which are chain stitches, the rest of the rows are simply single stitches. It’s best to work from the outside of the fixture ball to the inside arm.

If you want to try it out, feel free to make a comment in this blog and share how it went. I know this may be easy to follow if you are an expert crochet lover, and if you are still a novice, then don’t lose heart! This is a super easy project. For now, look for my upcoming video which I will be posting soon to this blog with single crochet stitch lesson (in English and Spanish.) If you want, leave me a comment and I will include the step by step instructions for this one too.

Here are some more pictures of the finished project. Enjoy! 🙂

Bathroom Project5 Bathroom Project2

I hope you have a lot of fun with this project.

Welcome to My Yarn Getaway – Learn to Crochet and Knit!

Welcome to My Yarn Getaway, a blog where you will find lessons, projects, ideas and  stories about yarn and beautiful projects. I hope you can find this content useful and learn to make beautiful things with your own hands and hopefully with and for your loved ones.

Since I was 10 I learned to crochet with my Mom (R.I.P). She was a great teacher. Her lessons allowed me to have a space to retreat with a piece of yarn and needle  and relax. Today I am a business woman, a professional, a wife and a Mom. All these things are great blessings, including my Etsy shop , my treat! At you can see who I am, my designs and inspiration. This blog will hopefully complement my shop.

Finally, this blog is the one place where I want to share what I know and inspire others to find a way to unwind and relax, which is what crochet, knitting and embroidery do for me. 🙂

Here is my first lesson in English and Spanish. My son, Jimmy, plays the acoustic classical guitar in the background to his original tunes, while I go on sharing some stitching lessons with you. Enjoy! 🙂

English Chain Stitch Lesson.

Haga Click aqui para la leccion de Cadeneta Crochet en Español.