Chunky Knits for Doll House

I love the look of this ! 🙂

It brings back so many memories. My favorite gift was accessories for my miniature doll house. Growing up , it was also my girls favorite gift to get on Christmas Day! 🎄

You may find this miniature chunky rug here.

The shop that makes these can make them in dark grey , light grey or any other colors. For small items like this the shop charges $0 shipping in the US.

Top 3 Tips for Making Stamped Ornaments

It’s no surprise. The holidays are coming. I love sharing with family and friends and the opportunity to just set aside some time for conversations around the table. But before all that, I do stress a bit about my home decorations. Every year I look for something different and unique to add to my traditional Christmas decoration. So for this year I made this heart shaped ornament stamped with an evergreen leaf from my backyard.

If you have no intention of working with clay, and you simply want to get enough of these to fill some or all of your Christmas tree then here is where you may go to buy these.

My top 3 tips for making these ornaments:

  1. Air dry clay works best than oven bake clay for these ornaments.
  2. If you are using an evergreen leave, or any fresh elements, choose a fresh one every time, and throw it away after use. In the case of the evergreens, if you reuse the same evergreen leave after a few days then there will be fragments of the dried up leave stuck into and all over your fresh clay. It will be very difficult to get all the pieces out and the clay dough will be dirty. You may end up having to redo all the work.
  3. Choose a festive ribbon to match your Christmas tree and overall holiday decoration around the house.

If you have other tips to share add them in the comments please. I hope you set aside some time to relax and make holiday decorations this year!

Happy holidays! 🙂

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Loving your Likes

ForBlogMyBedSideTMy Instagram account has been pampered with 80 likes and sweet comments. Thank you to Thread Boutique for sending me this beautiful picture of my ring dishes. I’m humbled by this show of appreciation for my work. I rarely get so many likes, so I am over the moon!

Thread Boutique really knows how to market and display our products. It takes a great deal of good taste and refinement too.

These personalized ring dishes are handmade by me. Thread has them in the Denver LODO location, near the Rockies stadium. An awesome location! They are partnering with me so if you are ever in town and don’t see your preferred letter initial please fill out a card and Nessa will contact me and I’ll get your order ready.

My Etsy shop carries these ring dishes all year round. They are great for bride, for bridesmaids gifts, for BFF or simply for you.

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Jewelry dish holding my favorite earrings by my night table! Never loose another earring again!

These dishes are Handmade with beautiful finishes. They are great for bridesmaids gifts, mother’s day gift, bride’s gift, birthday gift, or simply for yourself. It’s a great way to organize jewelry or small items around the house.

More about these jewelry dishes here.

Favorite Outfits

Inspired by those favorite Jean outfits! These boot cuffs are hand knitted and are one size fits most. They go very well with any blue jean outfit.

More about these boot toppers here.

Minimalist Designs from MyBedsideTreasures on Etsy

Made with minimalists in mind. These minimalist earrings look perfect on this minimalist jewelry dish.

If you are like me, maybe you have lost an earring or two after going to bed and not paying attention to where your earrings fell somewhere on the bed or by your night table. This is why I appreciate jewelry organization options.

This shop carries a nice collection of beautiful, elegant marbled color designs and delicate personalized jewelry dishes.

More about the shop here.

This shop offers free shipping in the US. Also, their packaging will match your jewelry dish color pattern too.

I find these as a great option for birthday gifts, Mother’s Day Gift, Bridesmaids gifts, bride gift, mother of the bride gift or great to add as wedding decorations.

Jewelry organizers by MyBedsideTreasures on Etsy

Today our topic is organization. I’m liking this marbled jewelry dish and I am impressed with this beautiful packaging. An eco-friendly box with decorated top in matching colors arrives containing the jewelry dish. The jewelry dish will be wrapped in bubble wrap and more bubble wrap will be protecting the box in transit. This customer picture does not show the bubble wrap. Customer shared this pic because she loved the presentation and was amazed by the decorations on the box! If you are thinking to get this for someone then this jewelry dish is gift giving ready!

All designs are different and not one is like the other; Really OOAK and very functional.

About organization, these jewelry dishes keep rings, earrings, pendants, necklace or any other special treasure by the bedside at night. What a clever idea! It’s also small enough to fit in almost any area of the night table, dresser or any bathroom countertop.

This shop makes these dishes in marbled colors, or monogrammed with letter initials, and each one is edged with metallic paint. They take custom orders too, so I’m thinking bride’s gifts or wedding decor!

Below are a few pics of other jewelry dishes in the shop.

Shop link:

MyBedsideTreasures on Etsy

Celebrity looks this Season

Get your celebrity look without the hat hair! 🙂

More about this hand knitted hat here.

Snow hats!

Fair isle style hats are so cute! In this one I wanted to have a snow-like effect on the bottom. Imagine this hat and ski slopes! Fun! 🙂

More about this hat here.

This hat was made using crochet so it’s faux fair isle. I’m very happy to start designing and listing fair isle hat in my shop.