Top 3 Tips for Making Stamped Ornaments

It’s no surprise. The holidays are coming. I love sharing with family and friends and the opportunity to just set aside some time for conversations around the table. But before all that, I do stress a bit about my home decorations. Every year I look for something different and unique to add to my traditional Christmas decoration. So for this year I made this heart shaped ornament stamped with an evergreen leaf from my backyard.

If you have no intention of working with clay, and you simply want to get enough of these to fill some or all of your Christmas tree then here is where you may go to buy these.

My top 3 tips for making these ornaments:

  1. Air dry clay works best than oven bake clay for these ornaments.
  2. If you are using an evergreen leave, or any fresh elements, choose a fresh one every time, and throw it away after use. In the case of the evergreens, if you reuse the same evergreen leave after a few days then there will be fragments of the dried up leave stuck into and all over your fresh clay. It will be very difficult to get all the pieces out and the clay dough will be dirty. You may end up having to redo all the work.
  3. Choose a festive ribbon to match your Christmas tree and overall holiday decoration around the house.

If you have other tips to share add them in the comments please. I hope you set aside some time to relax and make holiday decorations this year!

Happy holidays! 🙂

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